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Book a VideoShoot with zo!

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We offer videoshoot (outdoors only) to Florida residents within pinellas, pasco, orange and hillsborough county - please email before booking if your shoot will not take place in one of these counties. We are available: Mon.- Sun. 8am - 8pm(email if it's going to be a later time) The price you pay on our website is a non- refundable booking fee(deposit) which go towards your final price per hour booked. Booking fee is half the price/hr. If you book 1 hr booking fee is $15, the other $15 will be paid upon arrival at shooting location. Once you book your time I will contact you to get address for shooting location. If you do not show up to shoot the money will not be refunded. Grace period is 30mn or you lose money! To book more then one hour you have to do multiple transactions (it's to avoid overbooking).